CELLOSE-PACK and our partner i3D Eco-environment packaging


Eco-environment packaging

Innovative eco-responsible packaging solutions for fruits and vegetables and foodstuffs.
(Recyclable, Zero plastic, biodegradable, ok compost and domestic compost)
Wide range of eco-packaging: exclusive distributor of i3D. Packaging in vegetable fibers
(cellulose, bamboo, palm tree and sugar cane),
We ensure the custom development of all types of trays and cups based on these materials at the customer's request.

Palm fiber

These palm fiber trays are made from the waste of the palm fruit. We do not cut trees or plants. We use natural fibers which were considered waste and thrown away.


These trays are made from sugar cane waste left over from extracting the sugar from the plant... Trays, tumblers, cutlery, plates and even sheets of paper are made from this sugarcane waste. Available in white or light brown color.


These cups and containers are made from bamboo fibers. Bamboos are replanted every 3 years (rapid growth) while it takes more than 30 years to replant trees.


FOOD SERVICE AND FOOD TRAYS MADE FROM SUGAR CANE. This product is compostable, light, strong and refined product, available in white and light brown color. PET or PLA lids are available for these product range.


Standard trays:
HC Home Compost trays (Plant fiber)
BCI Industrial Compost Trays
RE Recyclable Ecological Trays
BRU Reusable trays (2025 objective law)
BCC Compact Cardboard Trays
BCM Micro-corrugated cardboard trays
BCN Nano-corrugated cardboard trays

Waterproof trays:
FEHC Fiber Waterproof Home Compost
Same range as standard trays

Packaging solutions (patent database)
ETHC Transparent Labels Home Compost
ETCI Transparent Industrial Compost Labels
FTHC Transparent Home Compost Film
FTR Recyclable Transparent Film

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