MULTISCAN Optical sorters for fresh fruits and vegetables


Multiscan supplies sorting systems with color, infrared and UV cameras for fruit and vegetables and X-ray systems

S30 TG

Sorting quality of cherry tomatoes (round or elongated) by color, diameter and defects. High speed in a compact system with 3 outputs. A similar model also works with cherries with or without stem ... Our S30TG is a very configurable machine capable of meeting the different needs of the customer.


compact X-Ray solution

Specially designed for bulk pitted olives and cherries inspection, aiming pit and dense foreign material detection : ferrous, non-ferrous, stones, Glass, pits. PRODUCT SIZE Maximum: width 390mm height 80 mm These X Ray equipment´s can analyze packaged carrots or potatoes and detect non desired materials. It can detect stones in the product which can not be removed after washing because they are too embedded. X Ray equipment detects embedded stones bigger than 0.7-0.8mm.


Sorting or pre-sorting solution for products between 40 and 150 mm. Very compact with high throughput, sorted by color, size and defects in up to 3 outlets. The customer can select the fruits that are rejected on each outlet according to various parameters (defects, color, size and shape), not only deciding on the parameter, but also on its sensitivity.

Nuts Sorting solutions

A Multi-factor, 3 exits sorting system for closed shell, color defect, size, and shape - sort open/close by optical means. Full nuts rotation for a 360 degrees view Very compact 2.6 meters long (102”)

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